About RealSAFE

Watch In Real Time

FREE & Easy Surveillance Software

Just setup your cameras, download and install the FREE RealSAFE.TV software and start watching in real time.

Camera Multi Controls

Advance Camera Controls

Professional Pan, Tilt, Zoom, FPS, Area Zoom, Preset Locations and much more! Pre program the "hot spots" and record multiple areas automatically.

Adjust Video Quality

Live Video Encoding

RealSAFE.TV achieves the best 30fps image quality of any system and its FREE!. Increases or decrease the video quality for economy of hard disk space.

Schedule Your Recordings

Record Capabilities

Once recorded the videos are available from your secure server as on demand for you to review. Schedule specific record time and date periods you wish to monitor.

Runs Cross Platform

Runs From Your Desktop

View your RealSAFE.TV feeds via our FREE Adobe AIR desktop tool. View your surveillance console from your Mac around the clock!

Advanced Settings

Scalable Solution

Setup and control unlimited number of cameras expand as necessary. Use advance settings to save images, store videos and time stamp data. Get started with RealSAFE.TV today!

How RealSAFE works

Our Solutions

  • tikilive
  • Mozzen
  • Realsafe
  • StreamingBASE
  • Kuleblu
  • CinaCHAT
  • Scenerecall
  • MonsterEncoder
  • Ehopii
  • Camwax
  • gobyt
  • BuzBit
  • EyePartner


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